10 Ways to Improve Your Health

Trixie Torres
6 min readSep 23, 2021
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Ever since the Pandemic, it seems like many people have been struggling with their overall health. We have lost touch with reality and developed unhealthy eating habits. Our mental health has also been affected but it’s important to take steps and acknowledge that we are struggling. The good news is you have the power to change that! Here are some things you can do to improve your health.

1: Train Your Mind to Think Positive

Before you change your habits, it’s vital to change your mindset. Many successful influencers can contest that we have the power to control our thoughts. Train your mind daily to look at the positive perspective. Negative thoughts are easy to dwell on, the hard part is developing a healthy growth mindset. Look at the valuable lesson you will gain from executing the hard thing. Ditch the pessimism, afterall no one wants to be around people who anticipate the worst.

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2. Speak Good Things To Yourself

Now that you have been developing your mindset, it’s time to speak good things to yourself. Make it a routine every morning and begin your day, lifting yourself up with words of affirmation. If you need reminders, place sticky notes in your bathroom or bedroom that way it will become a habit. When you say these things daily, go ahead and watch how the power of auto-suggestion changes you. You begin to believe those good things. You have the power to be kind to yourself so if others won’t do it then you should!

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3. Journaling Your Thoughts

Don’t think of this part as work but a way to help yourself. You can simply write down thoughts, feelings, or experiences. Journaling has helped many people who have a hard time opening up to others. Keep a small notepad or a document if you are tech savvy and note your struggles, your fears, and yes, include your victories. Bottling up emotions is unhealthy, but once you release them you will see the difference it makes in your life.

4. Meditate

Whether it’s a form of prayer or meditating, it’s important to spend time away from everything, especialy from media. Having a healthy mindset also requires you to take some time during the day to reflect. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and ponder on the good things you currently have in your life. It’s important to do this daily for at least 5–10 minutes of the day. Don’t forget to live in the present.

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5. Exercise

Living a healthy lifestyle takes work and dedication. Exercising is not only a huge benefit to improve your mental health, but also your physical health. For many people, this is a challenge but look into physical activities that you feel you could enjoy to make it less unbearable. Maybe finding a sport you like, walking your dog, or joining a zumba class. There are so many options you just need to get up and do it! Require yourself to take a small walk every day, don’t seek perfection, seek progress.

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6. Eat Good Foods

it’s pretty cliche but it’s true “You are what you eat” and it’s so true. Your body is a sacred and important component to your existence, but because we have been desensitized to the unhealthy food industry, we reach for convenience. Avoiding processed foods, processed sugars, and limiting your alcohol intake should be part of your routine daily. Instead, choose healthy whole foods like fruits and vegetables, and drink more water. MAKE conscious effort to make healthier choices. If you can, set up an appointment with your doctor to come up with a plan. Eat well, live well.

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7. Drink Tea

Throughout many centuries and cultures, it is known that drinking tea has played a vital role in overall health. There are so many health benefits from drinking various types of teas. Some of these benefits include: detoxing your body, lowering risks of diseases and boosting immunity. Teas are natural herbs that can also aid in sleeping better, improving attention, and speeding up the metabolism. Try drinking tea at least twice a day, track your progress and see the difference. You feel healthy as soon as you do, if you dislike the taste, try adding lemon and some organic natural honey.

8. Read Daily

It is in our innate nature to hunger for knowledge but the only way you will gain the knowledge is by reading. A growth mindset requires us to develop the habit of reading daily. Set a realistic goal each day, five pages a day is do-able, it may seem small but by the time you develop the habit you may be reading more. Read on subjects that interest you. It could be business, finance, health trends, politics, or even fashion but whatever it is just read.

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9. A Hobby You Love

Leisure time has a great impact on your overall health but you should engage in a hobby that brings you happiness and enjoy doing. Drawing, writing, cooking or filming the next youtube video. Post pandemic it’s obvious so many people are looking to be happier in their life and they have found ways to do what they enjoy and make money from their own hobbies. Who wouldn’t want to feel less stressed and anxious.This not only improves your mental health but as an individual it helps you be more creative and opens doors so possible future endeavours.

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10. Share Your Feelings with Someone

Emotional turmoil can create physical distress that is the reason sharing and organizing your thoughts gives psychological relief. Deep inside every one of us we have many things that we tend to keep to ourselves. We ponder and dwell on those ideas on our own but step outside the comfort zone and find someone you trust and share these things with. We often hear that when you release a fear it tends to subside, the fact of the matter is that when you speak your words, it eases the burden and we can find comfort in those we trust.

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Although for some people this may be too much for them to handle, it’s important that you take small steps to improve and better yourself. I cannot promise you that difficult emotions will completely diminish, but your mind and body will thank you. The effort that you put in today will result in a better version of yourself for tomorrow. Don’t wait, plan accordingly, find your why, be the person that you have always yearned to be and go for it. Clean your life, clean your mind, and you will see the changes.



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